Welcome to Wilder Days at Mansfield, Missouri. ¬†Autumn sees a time of festivals in the Ozarks. Wilder Days is a special event which honors and celebrates children’s author, Laura Ingalls Wilder who lived at Rocky Ridge Farm near Mansfield when she wrote the world renowned Little House books.

The Third Weekend of September marks a weekend of celebrating children and families and earlier days in the Ozarks.

The Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Homes and Museum is a growing, living facility which is a hub for similar memorial stops across the midwest honoring Laura’s family. There are plans to expand the facility with adequate buildings to protect the collection of memorabilia and to restore a farm setting that will reflect life at Rocky Ridge Farm when the Wilders lived and worked there.

Think about it — if each of Laura’s fans and friends around the world became a part of this campaign to preserve her memories and donated only $5, there are so many of us that the project could be accomplished and maintained for future generations Your gift can easily be given at the donation page link (you can even use Paypal.) If you prefer to send a check or a money order, the mailing address is right in the sidebar for your convenience. . ¬†Five Dollars can Make the Difference